10 Good Things about Facebook

10-Good-Things-about-FacebookMillions of users flock to social media websites every day. Whether it is for communications with loved ones, games, news, or just plain chatting, Facebook has something for everyone. What are some of the most attractive points to this social media hub?

1. Free – With all of the attractions Facebook has to offer, creating a profile is free. The only money you may spend is that for enhancements of games and apps.

2. Networking – Keeping connected with friends and family is far easier with Facebook than it was in the ’80s and ’90s. Instead of waiting three to seven days for a letter to reach Grandma, you can instantly chat with her several states away. Even intercontinental communications are possible, providing the local government allows Facebook.

3. Games – One of the most addicting aspects of Facebook is the plethora of games at your disposal. Everything from farming to inter-galactic warfare can be played on this website. As most of these games require inter-personal communication to progress further, interaction of some kind with friends and family continues.

4. Business – Many businesses create profiles on Facebook in order to keep in contact with clients and customers. Some of these businesses will update their profiles regularly with fresh content to help keep customers interested and attract new ones.

5. News – If it’s a global news story, it’s sure to be on this social media hub. Facebook can alert millions of people to help lend assistance, or to inform of social events. Popular commercial characters also make a home on Facebook and can generate quite a following such as “Mayhem” from the All-State Insurance commercials.

6. Entertainment – Have a favorite band, actor, or actress and would like to follow them from home? Chances are, they have a Facebook profile too. Again, it is a great way to keep fans interested in what is going on and makes the information feel more personal.

7. Chat – What social interaction site would be complete without a form of chat? Facebook users have a list of friends and family they can chat with, which displays whether the person is online or not.

8. Politics – Politicians have moved into the Facebook realm. Again, it makes an individual seem more real if they are interactive with the masses. It’s also a great way to clarify any misunderstandings about what the politician believes in and his or her stances in certain topics.

9. Reunite – As cliche as it may seem to some, Facebook has reunited many friends and family that were thought to be lost. As it’s one of the largest social hubs on the Internet, there is a good chance that someone you are looking for is on Facebook, or someone is who knows the person you are searching for.

10. Interactivity – As Facebook is so large on the Internet, may other social sites create interactivity with this social giant. For instance, YouTube.com videos can be shared on your profile by logging in to Facebook and clicking “Share” on the YouTube video.

Facebook isn’t merely a place where friends and family stay in touch, but also a central for commerce, politics, and more. The possibilities are endless for this communal portal, and game and app developers have a chance to become known by millions. However, if you plan on quitting your job or committing a crime, don’t post it in your timeline.

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