MPHW / FHW / Staff Nurse Test – 11

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Parcham Classes Test – 11

Parcham Classes Test – 11 : Online tests are prepared by Parcham Classes keeping in view the upcoming Class 4 examinations like Bin Sachivalay Clerk, Talati Mantri, MPHW, FHW.

The paper has been set with MPHW in mind in this test today. These include important days, various diseases such as TB, malaria, dengue, polio, vaccination, and general health issues.

Welcome to Parcham Classes MPHW/FHW Test - 11

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8 thoughts on “MPHW / FHW / Staff Nurse Test – 11”

  1. પાણી જન્ય રોગ છે ?
    તેનો જવાબ
    હિપેટાઇટિસ A અને E આવે ………

    ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર…બહુ જ સરસ પ્રયત્ન છે સાહેબ તમારો…

    (Sorry…… ઉપર ની ભૂલ માત્ર ધ્યાન દોરવા માટે જણાવું છું ….)


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